“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

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A New Year ’s resolution is a promise which we make to ourselves – a promise we intend on keeping. Whether it be health, wealth, or love related, this promise is usually one for our own betterment.

Discover the real you this 2017 through travel. Travelling more could be the best New Year’s resolution you ever make.

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Travelling should not be hard. It is actually something we should all do at least once in our lives. It is important to expand your horizons and learn about not only your own country, but those around you.

There are so many benefits to travelling. From meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, seeing new sights to broadening the mind.

Travel means adventure

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Through travel, we can discover and explore, and what better way to get out of your comfort zone then by travelling to another country and immersing yourself in new traditions. By embarking on a journey unknown you have no idea what is in store and that, of course, is half the fun. Travel helps us keep an open mind, and let whatever may be, be. While adventure may be what you seek initially, travel can also give you a greater appreciation for home.

Travelling gives you perspective

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When you travel you are exposed to new cultures, languages, habits, traditions, interests perspectives and values. On your journeys, you will see and learn a lot and every experience will add to how you grow and relate to people and your surroundings.  This means that upon your return to your home country, this will be very different. While everything will have stayed the same, you will have changed. The world you left behind suddenly isn’t black and white anymore. You are able to see and relate on a much wider scale. Sometimes just taking a break can help you to see things from a different perspective – one where you are hardier, healthier and heart happy. By travelling, you not only broaden your horizons, you are given renewed hope that life can be what you make of it.

Travelling helps beat depression

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Too often we are stuck in a mind-numbing, tedious routine that begins to take its toll on us. This is because we don’t take enough time out to recover and rejuvenate as frequently as we need. Fewer things are more important than your health and a well-deserved trip can help with a multitude of ailments. Regular getaways can help you to clear your mind and get rid of unwanted tension and worry. A spontaneous trip may help with anxiety, mild depression, and overall “blues”.  While for some, a vacation can only provide a brief reprieve. For others, it can be completely life-changing.

Travel is education

Travelling teaches you many lessons – most of which you would never learn in a classroom. Better yet, seeing the world allows you to learn more about yourself – an education that’s absolutely impossible get in school. A vacation to a far, or not so far off destination will also allow you to explore, discover yourself and learn about others.

Travelling makes you rich

Think of travelling as a lifetime investment. When you travel you not only grow as a person, but you create some of the greatest memories. You are pushed to your limits and challenge yourself more. Travelling will make you so rich in knowledge, experience, and street smarts – a few things in life that are extremely invaluable. When you are away from home you appreciate the little things and this is the reason travel can be one of the most enriching life experiences.

Travelling the world can help you in other ways too; including:

  • Helping to boost your confidence
  • Allowing you to get a grip on your emotions
  • Reminding you that you are in control of your own life
  • Helping you to become more social
  • Helping you to de-stress
  • Allowing you to enjoy the little things
  • Fueling your curiosity
  • Making you feel free and grateful

It sucks to be stuck in a rut. Everyone knows what that’s like. A big trip can be your perfect solution. Fly around the world, stopping over in all of the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. There is so much beauty all around us and we should be so lucky to experience it all.

Why travel? Because you can. Because you want to. Because you need to.

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